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Jane Collins

I have been burning the Cassis and Fig candle this evening, my house smells gorgeous.

IMG-20210707-WA0010 (1).jpg

Kirsty Girletz

I can personally highly recommend these candles . The quality is amazing, my favourite is Dark Honey & Tobacco and my hubby was a fan of the Rock Salt.


Caroline Randle

Amazing candles - my house smells amazing!

Weather and Wool Candle Collection 2.jpg

Jemma Davies

Wonderful candles!

They smell divine.

Wax Melts Photo.jpg

Kirsty Girletz

The Lime, Basil & Mandarin melts smell gorgeous. Would highly recommend for any candle lover.

Subscription Image.jpg

Janet Roberts

Beautifully presented making it a wonderful gift. I love the smells even when you leave room overnight it is still there without being over powering. I have a beautiful smelling home. Burns even all around so there will be nothing wasted as has happened with candles I have bought before. 

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