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Don't forget St Dwynwen's Day!

Treat the special person in your life to one

of our beautifully scented candles on this romantic occasion.

Celebrated on the 25th of January, St Dwynwen (Santes Dwynwen) is the Welsh patron saint of love.

This little known Welsh occasion has increased in popularity over the years in Wales and is celebrated in the same manner as St Valentine's Day with the exchange of gifts and cards and enjoying an romantic dinner.

St Dwynwen lived in the fourth century and was actually a Welsh princess. Her Father was King Brychan Brycheiniog and they resided in the area that is now the Brecon Beacons National Park.

Legend has it that Dwynwen fell in love with a local boy, Maelon, but her father had already arranged her marriage to another. Distraught, she prayed to God to help her forget Maelon. When she was asleep an angel appear and gave her a potion for her to forget Maelon. However, it happened to turn him into a block of ice. God then granted her three wishes. Her first wish was for Maelon to be thawed, her second wish was that all true lovers would marry and for all their dreams to come true, and her third wish was that she would never marry. All her wishes were granted and in gratitude to God she devoted herself to his service and became a nun.

She founded a convent on Llanddwyn, the west coast of Anglesey. She died in 465AD and it became a place of pligrimage. There is a well named after her on the island and legend has it that if a couple visits the well then the sacred fish and eels can bless their union if asked. Also, if the water in the well starts to boil then this is a sign that the couple are soulmates.

Remains of St Dwynwen's church can still be visited today.

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