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Hello and welcome to weather & wool!

We'd like to begin with introducing ourselves. we are Amy and Alex . we started our adventure back in November 2019 with a small flock of pedigree Shropshire sheep. our initial aim was to expanded the flock through breeding and to process their fleece into products to sell.

our first lambing and shearing season was 2020! if being new to the agricultural industry and trying to learn things as we went wasn't enough we were faced with trying to navigate the situation with covid as well (plus holding down full time jobs!).

it was a baptism of fire to say the least. that first lambing season saw two of our ewes give birth to three lambs. Ditsy Dotty had twins (a boy and a girl) and Cleo gave birth to a little girl. unfortunately (and heartbreakingly), the little twin girl did not survive. we were quickly learning some of the harsh realities of farming. The little ram lamb twin that did survive we named Curious because of his inquisitive nature and Cleo's little girl was named Pancake as she was born on Shrove Tuesday.

As for processing the fleece - that was put on hold as businesses were forced to temporarily close which made getting the fleece processed near impossible. So, having already set up Weather & Wool we looked for alternative products we could start to produce which would eventually complement our woolen range in the future. This is when we started our candle range.

Since then we have developed our range to include diffusers, car fresheners, wax melts, a seeded greeting card range and wax melt burners. 2023 will be the first year of processing our flocks fleece. We are really looking forward to sharing the progress with you throughout the next year.

As for the flock, it has steadily expanded with two successful lambing seasons since 2020.

We hope that as we continue on our journey you will join us . We will be blogging and updating social media with events, new products, and everyday occurrences that are happening with us and our sheep.

We love what we do and hope to share with you our adventures into the world of smallholding, homesteading and agriculture.




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